If Things Hurt The Morning After Sex, This Might Be Why

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
What sometimes follows the night of a steamy romp? A day of surprisingly sore muscles and awkward bruises. Sound familiar? According to a survey by the online dating site Meetville.com, 40% of people have admitted to discovering a sex injury the morning after.
OB-GYN Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, MD, tells Women’s Health that this is because sexual arousal increases dopamine levels that can block pain, like endorphins do. Add in increased blood flow and flexibility (and/or any drugs or alcohol) and you may not be realizing how your body is twisting. So, those feel-good sexy-time chemicals are also keeping you from noticing pain that would otherwise warrant an “ouch.”
However, if you’re bleeding before or after sex, you should see your doctor, as that can be more serious than just a really purple hickey. Try being more aware and paying attention to what’s happening in the heat of the moment. If something sounds sexy but looks dangerous, maybe brainstorm for an alternative.
Click through to Women's Health to learn more about morning-after-sex bruises. (Women's Health)

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