This Twitter Account Compiles Your Strangest Kanye Dreams

Has Yeezus ever appeared while you snoozed? You are not alone. Many people dream about Kanye.
Unlike most parody accounts, which often craft their own mock tweets (See: @nottildaswinton), @kanyedreams mostly aggregates the sometimes-monotonous, but often oh-so-bizarre tweets of those who have had sleeping visions of Kanye West. Plus, the account even offers the occasional dream analysis.
It’s not just the sheer magnitude of people dreaming about Kanye that is worth noting, but also the variety of interactions these dreamers have with their subconscious' Yeezy. Sifting through the 1,500 tweets, there are many commonalities. A lot of people dream about taking selfies with Kanye. Many are being babysat by (or babysitting) Kanye. Kim pops up a lot, too — sometimes she’s with her man at your prom. Kanye cooks for people and rolls up to meet folks at Taco Bell. He doles out wisdom. That is, when he’s not killing people.
Alas, most of us wake up each morning to realize that hanging out with Kanye is not a reality. And, many dreamers have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that these dreams are only dreams. Ahead are 16 of the kookiest.

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