Men React To Trying Sex Toys For The First Time

It's only Monday, but if you are already in need of a pick-me-up, this two minutes and 51 seconds from BuzzFeed Video should help. In the video, six men share their thoughts on male sex toys, both before and after trying them for the first time. There's a fair amount of stigma attached to men's sex-toy use, possibly as a result of the idea that only men who have difficulty orgasming would use something other than their hands during masturbation (and that there is shame in having difficulty orgasming). While it's debatable that this video actually combats that stigma (see: the guys' snarky commentary and the treatment of male sex toys as a source of humor), it does offer a rare window into mens' opinions on solo-sex accessories.
Before trying the toys, the men question the need for their existence: "Dicks aren't complicated," one observes. "For me, I can bump into a table and have an orgasm," another shares. (Lucky?) One participant analyzes the violently blue Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator: "This is like my fantasy of being with Mystique from the X-Men," he opines, "except for she's not there and I'm putting my penis in a cup." Sure, totally.
After the participants test-drive the toys, their reviews are mixed. "It was a really humiliating experience for me," one states, though another exclaims, "It was awesome!" Hey, gentlemen, however you want to (safely, consensually) get off, it's all good. Even if that means a date with a fake alien vagina.

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