21 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Smile

A lot of sites claim to offer pictures that make you smile, but few truly deliver. Thankfully, BuzzFeed Video upped the ante by not only providing pictures that actually will make you smile, but by also assembling them into this handy video slideshow.
Because, they get that sometimes scrolling is just too much work, especially this soon after Thanksgiving dinner. Do you like dogs? Great. There’s no way you’re not gonna crack a smile at the dog imprisoned by the jail made out of Pringles cans. That stern German Shepherd swearing in on the Bible in court? Another winner. Whatever that dog's testimony is, you just know he's going to break the case wide open.
Not a fan of dogs? It’s okay, there are plenty of baby antics, sign fails, and Chipotle mishaps to keep you entertained. But, don’t take our word for it. Watch the video.

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