That Time Lorde Met Beyoncé & Totally Freaked Out

There's an old saying in show business, and it goes like this: "You haven't truly made it until you've met Beyoncé." Okay, so it's not really an old saying (we kind of just made it up), but it should be. It seems everyone has a story about their first encounter with Queen Bey, and the corresponding freakout that ensues. And, ultra-cool Lorde is no exception.
While visiting The Tonight Show Tuesday, the New Zealand songstress told Jimmy Fallon about her first encounter with Beyoncé, which went down at last year's Grammys. It turns out, Lorde is human after all. All she could muster was something that sounds a bit like a seizure, which is exactly how we would react.
Flash forward a year, and Lorde now pals around with a certain world's-biggest-pop-star on the reg, so meeting fellow famouses probably feels old hat. Still, it's nice to know that we once lived in a world where Lorde was occasionally star-struck.
Watch her reenact one such occasion, below.

Photo: REX USA/Jonathan Hordle/Rex.

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