The Struggles Of A Closeted YA Fan

Given the fact that the Twilight and Hunger Games movies spawned successful franchises that practically broke the box office could lead some people to believe that it’s not just tweens who are buying those tickets. The same goes for the source material that made terms like “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob” common vernacular.
For the most part, most adults aren’t over the stigma of openly reading and enjoying books intended for people who have yet to get a learner's permit. Sure, we can all talk a big talk about how excited we are for the new Donna Tartt novel, but when it comes right down to it, some of us are more concerned with whether Katniss and Peeta are going to survive their equivalent of Thunderdome. And, heaven forbid that any of us be seen reading a Vampire Diaries book on the subway even if that’s what we’d choose over a Jonathan Franzen novel every damn time.
The people at BuzzFeedYellow know this conflict all too well. That’s why they produced the helpful and frankly therapeutic video “8 Struggles Adult YA Readers Know Too Well.” Actresses Amy Vohrpahl and Kira Mclean artfully demonstrate the conversational gymnastics we do to hide our YA guilty pleasures from judgment and the joy we feel when we discover another closet YA reader. It’s pretty on point.
Maybe a little too on point.

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