Blake Lively Stops The Clock in The Age Of Adaline Trailer

The Blake Lively comeback is officially on. After her brief window as Hollywood's It Girl closed thanks to the train wreck that was 2011's Green Lantern, everyone's favorite lifestyle guru is back with her first starring role in two years.
In The Age of Adaline, Lively plays a woman who mysteriously stops aging after a car crash. While holding on to those movie star looks for all of eternity may sound like a gift, the trailer leads us to believe that immortality is actually a curse. Adaline is forced to watch her first love turn into Harrison Ford (maybe not such a bad thing), and her daughter turn into Ellen Burstyn. On a side note, watching your kids grow old while you stay the same seems to be an emerging subgenre in Hollywood. Those of you who've seen Interstellar know exactly what we're talking about.
But, there are no wormholes here. Just some fancy period costumes, an M83 anthem, and Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones. Hey, works for us.
The Age of Adaline opens on April 24. Watch the trailer below.

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