Aaliyah Biopic Inspires #LifetimeBeLike Castings We’d Actually Watch

Photo: courtesy Lifetime
For all the (deserved) criticism Lifetime's Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B has received, we have to credit the biopic with causing a flood of creativity on Twitter today.
The movie has long been attacked for both its casting (Alexandra Shipp stars, following Zendaya's exit) and for going on without Aaliyah's family's approval. Which meant Shipp had to record her own versions of the late singer's hits. The movie was also accused of shying away from the controversy over her marriage to R.Kelly as a teenager.
When it aired last night, many fans tuned in out of morbid curiosity, and much to our own benefit, they took to social media to joke about Lifetime's next movies. Because, if the network could cast a skinny actress to play Missy Elliott, how about foregoing physical resemblance altogether?
Once the #LifetimeBeLike meme took off, the suggestions began to go from silly too, well, so silly that we'd actually like to see some of these movies. Lifetime's already working on a Whitney Houston biopic, but we're sure they need ideas for the next big thing. Ahead, take a look at 10 of our favorites.
Yes, please. But, only if afterward, Destiny's Child would do the Wilson Phillips Story.
Poor Wendy Williams took the brunt of the criticism from fans, as the most public of the movie's producers. That said, who doesn't want to be played by Tyler Perry?
Actually, we do see the resemblance.
A riveting story, to be sure.
Because Dwayne Johnson would also want to star in something.
Too on the nose?
Better than the original!
Animation really changes the game here.
Kim's calling her agent right now.
The most adorable of them all.

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