Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Nail These Celebrity Voices

Photo: REX USA/Stewart Cook.
Warning: Your Benedict Cumberbatch crush is about to go into maximum overdrive. And, yes, he's still engaged.
With the Cumberbabe getting Oscar buzz for his new film, The Imitation Game, MTV decided to play a little "imitation game" of its own. The challenge? Do as many celebrity impersonations as possible in 60 seconds.
As it happens, Cumberbatch is as good at imitating voices as he is at mimicking Beyoncé's sashay. Matthew McConaughey, Alan Rickman, Christopher Walken, Sean Connery — he nailed them all. Respect.
The icing on the cake was Cumberbatch's riff on Taylor Swift. Do they hand out Oscars for this kind of stuff?
Video: Courtesy MTV.

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