Benedict Cumberbatch Is Not Beyoncé

People are always getting up to shenanigans on The Graham Norton Show, whether it's Cameron Diaz talking to her vadge or Matthew McConaughey doing his most famous rom-com poses.
Benedict Cumberbatch is a frequent guest, and his weirdness always brings joy to the masses. Even Harrison Ford nearly cracked a smile at Cumberbatch's imitation of Chewbacca.
On this week's episode, British comedian Miranda Hart did a few jokes on the different sort of walks people do, with the ne plus ultra being the "pop star walk" that Beyoncé has perfected. After Hart demonstrates, well, obviously Graham gets Cumberbatch to give it a whirl.
Sorry to say, he's anything but flawless. At this, anyway. At least we'll always have BBC Sherlock Otters, that time he posed as a sopping-wet Mr. Darcy, and his photobombing of U2. After all, there's room for both Benedict and Beyoncé in our hearts. (Entertainment Weekly)

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