The 10 Times Emma Stone Shut. It. Down.

In case Facebook didn't send you the reminder, today is Ms. Emma Stone's 26th birthday. What do you get the girl who already has everything (like fame, fortune, the undying affection of Andrew Garfield?) Nothing — we're not crazy stalker fans or anything (cough).
That said, we will send some virtual TLC Stone's way just because she's adorable and awesome and makes us believe in a world in which celebrities are people you'd actually want to chat with in the kitchen at some party.
Without further ado, here are a selection of the Cabaret star's finest moments. See? We can't even hate her for getting to be the little spoon to A-Gar's big spoon.
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Photo: Courtesy NBC.
That Time She Became The Lip Sync Champion Of The World — Nay, Galaxy

Until we hear otherwise, we're going to assume that Stone moonlights as MC Easy A in underground rap clubs. Her mouth mastery of DJ Khaled and Ludacris on The Tonight Show is the epitome of "dropped the mic."
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Photo: Courtesy VH1.
That Time She Was A "Bitch"

Let he or she who didn't spend the '90s in low-rise hip-huggers and overplucked eyebrows cast the first stone. In 2004, Stone participated in the VH1 reality show, In Search of the New Partridge Family. Clearly, her take on Meredith Brooks' chick anthem "I'm a Bitch" helped her land the role of Laurie. No contest.
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Photo: Courtesy Craig McDean/Vogue.
That Time She Was Just A "Bland Basic Bitch"

Kudos to Stone for not only taking the "bland basic bitch" nickname in stride, but also volunteering that description in a Vogue profile.
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That Time She Dance-Crept Behind Tim McGraw

Ellen DeGeneres dared Stone to secretly dance behind people without getting caught. The actress delivered — with gusto. To "I'm Sexy And I Know It." Behind Tim McGraw's back. When he wasn't even wearing a peripheral vision-blocking cowboy hat. Impressive.
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Photo: Courtesy MTV.
That Time She Called Beyoncé's Fans The "Beygency"

This MTV interview is just packed with goodness. She prefers beards to mustaches (of course she does), cheese gives her acne, she thinks Game of Thrones is a "joke show," and she call's Bey's legion of fans the "Beygency." Be our best friend NOW.
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That Time She Freaked Out About The Spice Girls

Oh, come on. Like you wouldn't.
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Photo: Courtesy ABC.
That Time She Was A Totally Good Sport

For the record, Emma Stone does not smell like cat piss. That's just what mean people tweet. #Sadface.
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Photo: Courtesy Yahoo.
That Time She Called Out Garfield On A Sexist Quote

Spidey got served when he made a comment about sewing being "feminine" during a press conference earlier this year. Girlfriend or not, Stone wasn't about to let it slide. Atta girl.
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Photo: REX USA.
That Time She Did A PowerPoint Presentation

What's a kid with dreams of fame and fortune to do? Make a super-precocious and compelling PowerPoint presentation convincing Mom and Dad to move to Hollywood, that's what. Fun fact: The thing was soundtracked by Madonna's "Hollywood."
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Photo: Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images.
That Time She & Andrew Garfield Used The Paps For Good

If you're going to be hounded by the paparazzi, you might as well make the most of it. This summer, Starfield did just that by holding up signs naming their favorite charities. Deal with it, TMZ.

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