This Teen Target Employee Was This Weekend’s Biggest Meme

These days, all you need to become famous is a red shirt, some khakis, tousled hair, and a nicely defined jawline. In order to make it on the Internet, however, you'd need some unsuspecting camera phone wielder to snap your picture and upload it to a social media site like, say, Twitter. Get the right person to RT you and bam! Suddenly your visage is everywhere, strangers are complimenting your good looks, and your follower count has risen tenfold. Talk about validation!
Of course, not all red-shirt-and-khaki wearers can be as lucky as Alex From Target was this weekend. He swiftly went from unassuming cashier to the web's resident hottie — in under 24 hours —simply because of his looks! (Us? Shallow? Please.) From tweets saying he's "hot af" to poorly photoshopped Target magazines, Alex From Target ran the 'net.
Now, as a person who used to work in retail, Alex From Target is taking this sudden fame better than I would have. Instead of retreating from the spotlight and issuing some sort of "this is an invasion of privacy" statement, he's relishing in the followers — even considering monetizing off of it (the tweet has since been deleted). What an entrepreneur he is! And, luckily, Target approves.
Yes, Alex From Target. For at least 15 more minutes, you are.

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