31 Actors You Forgot Were British

When an American actor plays a Brit, there's usually a fair amount of grumbling, followed by a whole lot of fanfare if he or she manages to handle the accent without pulling a Dick Van Dyke. But, when a British actor plays a Yank, it's likely no one even notices. That is until he or she finally sits down for an interview and you realize, wait, you mean that Baltimore drug lord/California motorcycle gang leader/Southern sheriff actually sounds like someone who should be dusting crockery on Downton Abbey?
Believe it. Chances are, one of your favorite shows or films feature someone who is playing American while actually being British. Some have been using so many different accents over the years that nobody can remember where they hail from. Some have found fame playing iconic American characters. And, all of them have fooled us at one point or another with their mad verbal skills.
Click through to see a roundup of actors from the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) who play American all the time. We would have included Benedict Cumberbatch for his grasp of the Southern dialect, but let's face it: When a dude's named Benedict Cumberbatch, you're not likely to forget that he's British. Read on for more.

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