These Are The Children’s Book Characters That Millennials Need

Photo: Courtesy of Mashable.
Children of the 1980s fondly remember Squeezits, the Iran-Contra affair, and those adorable Little Miss and Mr. Men books penned by Roger Hargreaves.
Millennials, however, might no longer find anything relatable in those pocket-sized tomes that taught important life lessons depicted by characters like Little Miss Greedy and Mr. Chatterbox. For them, Mashable has created a new series of characters that directly responds to issues young adults face in 2014.
There's Mr. Tumblr Book Deal, who's holding a bag of cash for his compilation of pug pictures. (Dude was totally living in his parents' apartment on the UWS until took off.) There's Mr. Brunch, who can barely keep his fedora from falling off his head as he sways under the combined intoxication of bacon and Bloody Marys. (He blogs for Eater, so you can't really blame him.)
Most crucially, there's Little Miss Underemployed and Mr. Student Loan debt. They're basically all of us, aren't they?
Check out the full list of characters here. It's not like you have to worry about your retirement accounts or anything, so you've got plenty of time to chillax with them. (Mashable)

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