The Hello Kitty Convention Is A Madhouse

Photo: Courtesy of Sanrio Facebook.
Considering the massive cult of worship that surrounds Hello Kitty (she has her own airplane, after all), you'd think that Hello Kitty conventions would be popping up every other weekend. Oddly, this is not so.
But, the world, or perhaps just Kitty's 40th birthday, demanded such an event, and Sanrio made it so.
The very first official Hello Kitty convention kicked off Thursday in Los Angeles — at the Museum of Contemporary Art, of all places — and it's packing in crowds like a Tokyo subway car at rush hour.
According to the LA Times, organizers expected roughly 5,500 attendees on the first day. They further expect another 20,000 over through Sunday.
Heck, even Lisa Loeb showed up. (Lisa Loeb fans will not be surprised by this.)
The LA Times reported that vendors at the convention were getting close to selling out their stock — from Hello Kitty-themed "children's clothing to sporting goods to candy to plush dolls to Spam misubi-making kits" — that was supposed to last them four days. That's what happens when people come down with the Kitty Krazies.
In you're in LA and you somehow missed the throng of fans in Kitty cosplay, there's still time to join them — if you can snare a ticket from a scalper. (Los Angeles Times)

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