8 Absurdly Indulgent Things To Do With Tonight’s Extra Hour

It is the most wonderful day of the year. Tomorrow, Sunday November 2, we are given the greatest gift of all: time. At 2 a.m., the clocks fall back, and everyone has one gloriously free hour (before the long, dark winter cometh).
Is there a better way to spend a free hour than doing something delightfully, foolishly indulgent? (No, there is no better way.) Since the extra hour falls in the middle of the night, we focused solely on activities that can be reasonably done in your house, between the hours of 1 and 2 a.m. So, go crazy. And then, when you are finished being crazy, remember to change your clocks.
Bake and eat an entire cake.
You know how calories don’t count after midnight? Well, they really don’t count tonight. Beginning to end, cake-making takes about 45 minutes (easy, Martha Stewart, from a mix). That means you’ll have enough time to eat, but not time to ice it. You can, however, spread icing as you go, like you might eat hummus and pita.
Watch the single greatest hour of TV.
Breaking Bad’s "Ozymandias" is well understood to be the best hour of television of all time. (In fact, it’s 47 minutes, but that’s perfect to account for snack breaks.) If that’s a little dark for your hour of joy, there’s always The Office’s "Niagara" or any episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Light 1,000 candles.
The original purpose of DST, of course, was to reduce electrical usage. So, honor your forebears and turn off all your gadgets — including your phone and TV. Switch off the lights, light a million candles, and just zone out, gazing into the bouncing flames. If you need some inspiration, check out R29’s favorite candle vlogger, Angela.
Learn the dance to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."
Perfecting Taylor Swift’s video is exactly an hour’s worth of work — because (spoiler!) it's almost exclusively jumping. You and your neighbors will love it.
Do that absurdly expensive $70 mask.
Who ever has time to sit still long enough to let these things dry? You do, because tonight time is free. If you leave enough space to comfortably open your eyes, you could give yourself a manicure while you wait. And, if you’re feeling ninja-level, apply teeth-whitening strips, too.
Smoke pot and eat frozen grapes on a beanbag chair.
If you put a bag of grapes in the freezer for 20 minutes, indulge in some herbal relaxation, and then sit somewhere soft and crunch them one by one, you’ll be the happiest, most over-stimulated person on earth.
Two words: Baby Foot.
These foot peels promise to strip your soles of the roughest calluses leaving your feet smoother than you can imagine. The process is weird and gross but also amazing and miracle-working and only takes an hour .
Have sex/Masturbate/Live your life.
Treat yo’self.

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