10 Chocolates That Are “Good” For You

They say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Fine. But, does that apply to your chocolate bars? Nope — looks like the dark choc really is a win-win. Well, provided you consume in moderation and choose your bar wisely. The good news: Dark chocolate is made with cocoa, which has been linked to improving heart health. And, in a recent small study, researchers found that participants who drank a mixture high in cocoa performed better on memory tests. (Full disclosure: That research was partly funded by Mars, Incorporated.)
When bar shopping, you want to look for dark chocolate with upward of 70% cacao (more processed chocolate is packed with added sugars). In the spirit of today — National Chocolate Day — we taste-tested a bunch of "healthy" contenders to find our favorites. Ahead are the 10 that made the cut — and the random thoughts our staff had about each one.

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