This Video About The Worst Things Is One Of The Best Things

We get it. Life's full of little annoyances, over which we can collectively share our frustration and feel connected with the rest of humanity as it slogs through an unceasing mire of minor slights. It's totes rough out there!
Naturally, BuzzFeed decided to make a video about this, chronicling "15 Little Things That Are Actually The Worst."
Some of those struggles include: not being able to immediately open your carton of milk you bought from Trader Joe's; not being able to remove the price tags from your home decor, which you bought with your expendable income; and not being able to open the packaging for a pair of scissors, and thus resorting to the pair of scissors you already own to open the package for the redundant pair of scissors you just bought, because you are scissor-rich and live in a country where scissors are plentiful, as are couches, throw pillows, and the like.
Have a look.
We should, however, remember that life is really just a series of disappointments, disasters, and grief, with fleeting moments of joy injected between the interstices of banal, quotidian existence like an adrenaline shot to the heart. They should be appreciated, cherished, and clung to tightly for their rarity.
But, people walking too slowly in front of you? The worst.

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