Selena Gomez Puts The Grown-Up Haters In Their Place

Photo: REX USA/Rob Latour.
In her latest interview, Selena Gomez is taking things back to basics. The star spoke with E! about her haters, and decided to impart some playground wisdom. In Gomez's opinion, adults who waste their time critiquing her ought to pick on someone their own size.
"I get picked on by grown adults all the time," she told E!, though it's unclear if she means actual adults who hate on her via social media, or if she's referring to members of the media. Regardless, her message is clear.
"It just baffles me. I wish I could just sit them down and say, 'What were you doing at 15? What were you doing at 18? What were you doing at 21?' Because I can guarantee you it's not half of what I've done," Gomez said. To be sure, few of us can claim such accolades as Gomez has garnered at such a young age. She was on Barney, for crying out loud.
Though, some would argue that part of living in the public eye is having your life up for criticism. And, Gomez knows that — but won't let it overcome the principle behind grown-ups picking on teens. "Trust me, it's hard. I've had my moments where I've let them get to me, but I refuse to let them win." (E! News)

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