This Is What A BuzzFeed Reality Show Would Look Like

It's no secret that the "reality" in reality TV is never exactly that.
Fact is, reality is mostly sad, mundane, and boring as hell. No one wants to watch that, except maybe Ingmar Bergman.
That's why reality TV stars feel the need (or are instructed by producers) to throw cocktails, curse like sailors, and start fights over the smallest of slights.
That's exactly what BuzzFeed staffers did for this exercise in what day-to-day office life might look like if it were shot through the lens of, say, The Real Houswives franchise.
As with all reality TV, we see the emotional arc of a toddler played out in the space of only a few minutes: screaming joy, intense anger, and tearful reconciliation.
All in all, however, the "reality" here doesn't seem that much more heightened than most office jobs this author's worked at. Throwing chairs? Inappropriate emails? Gatling gun-like deployment of the F-bomb in company meetings?
Welcome to media!

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