19 Outstanding Movie & TV Scenes Starring Cunning Linguists

Alright, you asked for it, and you're gonna get it. No, really: You literally asked for it in the comments of this post from last weekend — a roundup of the most wondrous, female-centered oral sex scenes in the (non-porn) movies.
Cunnilingus is back in the news lately because A.) why not, and B.) Gone Girl now-famously suggests the activity in one particularly excellent moment. But, of course, it's standing (sitting?) on the shoulders of many great scenes that came (oh, there are so many puns to be had) before.
Of course, it hasn't been an easy road. For years, oral sex scenes featuring women on the receiving end would be grounds for a deadly NC-17 rating, while a good old-fashioned BJ could keep you comfortably in R-rated territory. A double standard if we've ever seen one. Now, we like to think things are thankfully loosening up over at the MPAA.
Ahead, read up on our favorite scenes that broke the mainstream mold, then talk to your partner about how you two can help support this important cultural renaissance today.

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