George Clooney Spent His Honeymoon At Comic Con

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin could have honeymooned anywhere in the world. But, instead of sipping watermelon margaritas in Bora Bora, or roasting chestnuts by a fire at Lake Louise, the ultra-glam newlyweds had to put their fairy tale on pause and get back to work.
Alamuddin is currently prepping a trip to Athens where she'll advise the Greek government in its bid to reclaim some historic marbles from Britain. Alamuddin, a world renowned human rights lawyer, is set to meet with Greece’s prime minister, Antonis Samaras, and culture minister, Konstantinos Tasoulas, to help solve the sensitive international conflict.
Meanwhile, Clooney shocked fans with a surprise appearance at New York's Comic Con on Thursday.
That's right, folks. Of all the places in the world he could have been, George Clooney spent his honeymoon at Manhattan's glass monolith, The Javits Center, where he took center stage to promote next year's sci-fi extravaganza, Tomorrowland. Clooney of course, took the irony of the situation in stride.
"It's not lost on me that I'm spending my honeymoon at Comic Con," he joked. "My wife was as confused about what Comic Con was as you are." But, what Clooney doesn't realize is that in terms of conventions, there are far less romantic ones to spend a honeymoon than Comic Con. Game of Thrones cosplay is a surprisingly potent aphrodisiac.
Here are seven conventions less romantic than Comic Con:
The World Toilet Summit & Expo, Suntec, Singapore. Because bathtubs are sexy, but toilets are not.
The Depeche Mode convention, Hollywood, California. Because everyone knows '80s nostalgia is so over.
BronyCon, Baltimore, Maryland. Because grown men dressed up as characters from My Little Pony is just as creepy as it sounds.
The Ohio Valley Filk Festival, Columbus, Ohio. Because this folk meets sci-fi festival means one thing: Yoda Bob Dylan.
Lebowski Fest Chicago, Illinois. Because have you seen what the Dude looks like in a bathrobe?
Sunshine State Eggfest, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Because gas, gas, gas.
Rocky Mountain Fur Con, Denver Colorado. Because of all the strange fandoms out there, this one's the strangest.
Suddenly Comic Con doesn't seem so strange, eh George? (Us Weekly)

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