What To Do When Your Legs Start To Shake In Barre Class

IMG_4677_JensIngvarsson (1)Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
There are some things that are best learned from an instructor. For example, driving, calculus, and your first workout. Fitness instructors are instrumental to helping make sure you're using proper form so you maximize the benefits of your workout, and ward off potential injuries. And, whether you want to try an indoor cycling, dance cardio, or barre class, each type of group fitness workout has its own set of unique in-the-know secrets.
Mentally prep for your first barre class, which consists of controlled, ballet-inspired movements, by expecting to feel your muscles quiver. Christine Douglas, owner of Pure Barre Hillcrest in San Diego, CA, tells Shape that those interested in learning barre should embrace, not be embarrassed by, the shakes. The shaking is your body responding to being challenged in a new way she explains. Douglas suggests newcomers ease into the workouts by setting a goal for holding the isometric movements (it's okay if you need to come out of the posture). Then, when you're ready to progress, you can increase the length of each hold, and try more challenging variations of the exercise.
If barre doesn’t strike your fancy, then click on over to Shape to see tips for yoga, Pilates, and more types of classes. (Shape)

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