Watch Beautifully Choreographed Lovers' Spats In Slo-Mo

The point of watching a model walk down the runway is to see how the clothing moves on a real body. Too often, though, the body is unreal and the fashion show too fast to get a good look at the garments going by. That's why we relished the opportunity to watch Maiyet's spring '15 collection in action in a beautiful fashion-meets-art film presented in Paris. We huddled in a pitch-dark room in an old, restored bank to watch five gigantic screens light up with modern dancers acting out scenes of love, romance, and betrayal.
Directed and choreographed by Benjamin Millepied (of bothBlack Swan and, well, Natalie Portman), "Passage to Dawn" is a gripping portrayal of interpersonal relationships. It's beautiful for the dancing alone, the music — an original score by London Grammar — and for the clothing that's practically vital. We wish we looked this good while spatting with (or grinding on) our significant others. Though we may not be able to high kick and twist like the Los Angeles ballet troupe featured in the short, it's good to know the globally conscious, artisan clothing line can withstand leaps and bounds — literally.

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