Psychedelic Matching Velvet Suits You CAN Pull Off

lv39jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.
When you need a lot of words to describe an article of clothing it's likely that the piece feels super contrived. Consider this: "Oh, you know my patent, embellished, wood-bottom, sling-back mules with the buckle on the side?" But, Louis Vuitton's spring '15 offerings introduced a cool, laid-back way to pull off a look that requires many adjectives. We're talking specifically about the bright, multi-printed, quilted, biker-chic, psychedelic velvet suits that we saw on the runway yesterday. Did we mention one was also asymmetrical?
Clearly, these are not your average matching set. But, that doesn't mean they aren't totally wearable. We love the way the fitted jackets and pants look in combination, all zipped up. Or, unzip the jacket and pair with your favorite graphic T-shirt. Wear separately for everyday. Put back together for an impactful nighttime look you'll be comfortable in. All in all, they read like a luxe version of '60s or '70s separates you'd find on rockstars and adoring fans, alike. What sets them apart this time, though, is one additional adjective on the list: "versatile."
Click through for a look at another one of LV's magical everything suits.
lv38jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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