You Cannot Reuse An IUD

Here's one more reason (not that you needed another) to love and hate the Internet. Recently, a rather entrepreneurial woman took to Facebook to post a photo of an IUD for sale. First red flag: Facebook should not be the first place you go to purchase your preferred method of contraception. Second, more alarming red flag: The IUD in question was previously used. Because, who wouldn't want to buy (and then use) an Intrauterine Device that had been inside another person for almost a year?
Naturally, the rest of the Internet — namely, Reddit — jumped on the original post as an opportunity for such witticisms as, "I'm pretty sure that if you trust someone who's not a doctor to provide and insert an IUD, you're probably the type who needs to be seeing a doctor for other reasons as well," and "My uterus just gave notice." But, aside from supplying such quality snark, the story of this bold saleswoman raises an important question — are IUDs even reusable to begin with?
For starters, there are two main types of IUDs: hormonal and copper. They both work by affecting how sperm move in order to prevent those sperm from making contact with an egg. But, different IUDs have different lifespans, Dr. Vanessa Cullins of Planned Parenthood explains: "The difference in how long each type should stay in has to do with the length of the clinical studies done on each of the particular devices, documenting how long each IUD remains highly effective." Once an IUD's projected life (which can range from three to 12 years) is up, it must be removed by a healthcare professional.
More to the point, Dr. Cullins makes it clear that you should never reuse an IUD, regardless of whether you were the last one to use it or if you found it on Facebook. "The bottom line is that getting an IUD is absolutely something that you need to have a professional do for you — just as you wouldn’t let an untrained friend deliver your baby, or pull a tooth with pliers." You can't get clearer than that.
Click through to read the original post in full. And, don't miss the poster's kind offer to help with the IUD insertion — for only $5 extra!
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