Your October Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated By Emily Forgot.
October's stars have some tricks and treats in store. The sun and harmonious Venus are in balanced Libra until October 23, bringing an air of harmony and diplomacy to the world. We may need it more than ever since Mercury — the planet of communication, technology, and travel — will be retrograde (backward) from October 4-25. So, back up your electronic data and devices to prepare.
There will also be TWO game-changing eclipses in October, one on the 8th and another on the 23rd. The October 8 total lunar (full moon) eclipse is in Aries, which can bring strong personalities and egos raging out into the open. Can you say "fireworks"?
The second eclipse, on the 23rd, swoops in right beside the sun and caring Venus. This one is a partial solar (new moon) eclipse, which should be much gentler. Get ready for a bold new beginning, particularly related to financial joint ventures or an intimate relationship, as Scorpio is the sign of merging.

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