North West Got A Front Row Seat At Balenciaga

embedPhoto: Via @DEVON.
UPDATE: Yahoo Style gave us some insight as to just how the little West came to sit front row at Balenciaga, and it's pretty aww-inducing. Kim Kardashian told the site, “[North] started to cry when we were walking out the door, and we couldn’t leave her. So, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But, it was an amazing fashion show for her to be at for her first show.” Sure beats our first fashion show, which...may have taken place at a mall, now that we think of it. Read on for all the details of Baby West's first fashion show.
Not since Tavi Gevinson blocked a Grazia editor's view at Dior has a tiny person's presence in the front row at a fashion show caused such excitement. Moments ago, it was revealed on Twitter that noted famous baby North West scored herself a front row seat at Balenciaga's spring '15 show in Paris. Have we mentioned that North West is a 1-year-old infant? Because she is.
Of course, the little tyke didn't toddle up to the front row by herself. She attended along with her famous mom and dad — what are their names again? Oh right, Kimye. And, to be fair, the little gal is showing stellar fashion-show etiquette. She appears to be sitting perfectly still and watching the show, not chomping on Cheerios as the youngs like to do, nor fiddling with an iPhone as the olds like to do. Reports indicate that the Kardashian-Wests later enjoyed some quality time backstage with Balenciaga designer Alexander Wang. Okay, now we're jealous, because we've always wanted to ask Wang about his conditioning secrets.
Of course, the fashion elite — many of whom consider front row at Balenciaga a bucket-list, brass-ring prize — may have sniffed at North West's coveted seat. But, we'd liken it to an airline's lap-infant policy: As long as she's not taking up someone else's seat (or throwing a fit), let the little lady stroll on. Now, will someone please teach this kid to use an iPhone so we can see some front-row runway pics? She's right at shoe level, for goodness' sake!
(Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story erroneously referred to Ms. North West as a boy. We apologize for the misgendering error, as we have nothing but respect for the entire West family and you, their fans. Now, let us all rejoice in baby’s first FROW experience, and in the immortal words of Myrtle Snow: “BALENCIAGA!”)

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