A Condom Cookbook Exists

IMG_0014-1_r_JessicaNashIllustrated by Jessica Nash
To those who came here looking for a DIY alternative to the now-debunked pumpkin spice condom, sorry to disappoint. In a new Japanese cookbook, whose title roughly translates to "Condom Meals I Want To Make For You," author Kyosuke Kagami uses condoms only for preparation and storage — not ingredients.
It sounds like a gimmick, which it is, but it's one that carries some serious weight. In the past decade or so, research has revealed a decline in condom use and an increase in HIV/AIDS in Japan. Because Japanese-manufactured condoms are thinner than the average rubber, they're naturally more prone to breakage. Add this to a limited understanding of STIs and HIV and a general dislike for condoms, and the startlingly low figure of Japanese men who regularly use condoms (42%) starts to make a little more sense.
The cookbook features 11 recipes, including condom sushi, condom escargot, and condom meat stuffing (seriously). If those names didn't tip you off, the condom takes center stage in all of the illustrations, flaunting its versatility. The book is now available on Amazon, and if this doesn't help decrease Japan's HIV statistics, at least the Japanese people are no longer deprived of a cheap, durable alternative to pricier pastry bags.
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