Chris Pratt, Guardian Of Our Galaxy, Opens Pickle Jars For Kate McKinnon

Think about your two most favorite things in the world. We're pretty sure one of them is pickles or Chris Pratt's abs. Lucky for you, both of those things feature in Pratt's Saturday Night Live promo video, in which he and Kate McKinnon do a series of sketch promotions to get you pumped for this Saturday's season 40 premiere.
It's Pratt's first time hosting. And, McKinnon won't let him forget it. There are moments when it looks like McKinnon may actually upstage the Guardians of the Galaxy actor. But, they have this awkward/awesome chemistry that ends up evening it all out.
Pratt kicks off season 40 of SNL Saturday, September 27, with musical guest Ariana Grande. In the meantime, check out the promo video below. It's basically a campaign for why Pratt and McKinnon should act together more often. (Hollywood Reporter)

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