Leonardo DiCaprio Will Turn Down For Nothing, No One

Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. But, he really ought to be given some type of award for how he's been absolutely nailing 2014. He's rapping with Jamie Foxx at a nightclub in Los Angeles. He's marching against climate change while wearing this hat. He officially accepted a role as an ambassador for the U.N. on Saturday. (That feels important to mention before showing you the images ahead.)
There's nothing you can do to stop Leonardo DiCaprio from carpe-ing diems. And, really, we hope he never ceases to live his everyday life the outrageous way he's doing it now. Ahead, five instances in which DiCaprio's seizing life with such reckless abandon, all you can do is slow clap.
Dancing With Fervor At Coachella
His combination of butt wiggles and air punches make for an entirely new technique. We're just gonna go ahead and call it The DiCaprio — coming to a wedding dance floor near you in 2015.
rexusa_2224032cPhoto: REX USA.
Using 30% Of An Umbrella
This is actually really courteous. We wish that every person in the subway stations adopted this very form.
FFN_DiCaprio_YachtKarate_EXCL_PAL_072214_51484433Photo: FAMEFLYNET.
Post-Oscar Snub Karate Kicks On A Yacht
This is how one truly handles defeat. Congrats on the Oscar, Matthew McConaughey, but it feels like DiCaprio won a different kind of contest, here.
rexusa_2343587wPhoto: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
Adopting The Yeti Look While Maintaining Sex Appeal
Oh, you think a man bun and a beard is too much of a look? No, says Leo. He's both a facial hair pioneer and the only person who'll be warm this winter.
AG040141_01Photo: CIAO/AKM GSI.
The Guerilla Warfare-Style Water Gun Tactics

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