Our Editor's Lazy-Day Shirt Idea Ended Up On The Missoni Runway

anniePhotographed by Geordy Pearson.
Sometimes, inspiration strikes when your creative juices are running the lowest — like during the string of 12-hour workdays that make up Fashion Week, when our own Annie Georgia Greenberg crafted an entirely new look out of something old. With a Steven Alan pajama top, Annie undid a few buttons, pulled the neck down over her shoulders, and elicited a chorus of oohs in the office. Here's Annie: “It's super easy to do. I would suggest going with a button-down that's slightly big, though, so you can get that ideal drape effect and still be able to move your arms.” To bring this most effortless move into your own fall dressing, you can either size up in the women's department or grab a crisp men's shirt (or just "borrow" one from a dude in your life).
Lest you think this is a fashion editor falling asleep at the wheel, Missoni's Milan runway just so happened to be filled with naptime chic, too. It also showed an off-the-shoulder pajama top alongside a loungewear-filled parade of other clever styling tips that find new uses for old items. The AGG, as we're calling it, went down the runway with loose shirts pulled down over one shoulder, or elegantly over both. The trick was a quirky, sexy way to wear jammies all day.
Head to page two to see the runway version, then have sweet dreams of the comfy spring to come.
missoni-spring-2015Photo: MCV/Firstview.

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