Welp, There’s Now A Yelp For Plastic Surgeons

mainIllustrated by Sandy Ley.
For today's installment of "things you can't believe didn't exist already," allow me to introduce you to Real Self — a site that promotes itself as Yelp for plastic surgeons. [Pause for reaction.]
The service connects people looking to go under the knife with doctors who perform these services. You can search by reviews, "after" photos, procedure types, and more. And, after you step out as your brand-new self, you can write feedback about the doctor and how you felt about the procedure.
At first, I admittedly rolled my eyes and thought, What the hell is all this now? But, the more I considered it, the more brilliant I realized this was. Think about it: How often do you hear about botched surgeries? Pretty often. It's partly because people aren't doing their research. And, that makes sense: Asking someone for a boob-job recommendation isn't exactly the same as asking how they like their dentist.
There's also a huge stigma attached to choosing surgery for cosmetic reasons. So, because they're embarrassed, a lot of people don't ask around. A site like Real Self allows them to browse anonymously and learn about others' experiences through testimonies and photos. There's also a Q&A section for each procedure and forums where patients can support one another.
While the concept may seem bizarre at first, I say it's a pretty genius idea. If I were going to get plastic surgery, I'd definitely peruse this site. You've got to do your research before making a decision like this, and Real Self helps you do just that. Let's all give a much-deserved slow clap for this one.

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