Lorde's A Cover Girl Now, Still Doesn't Care

Photo: Thomas Whiteside for ELLE.
It's hard to write about Lorde and not talk about how young she is. Elle didn't avoid the topic in its cover story about the Grammy winner, and Lorde doesn't shy away for her feelings on being treated like a teenager.
"A lot of times when people meet me, they’ll definitely try to make me feel young or inexperienced," Lorde said. "Like, 'It’s all taken care of.' Teenagers are such a discerning group of people. They’ll immediately sniff out anything that feels contrived."
The songstress is certainly wise beyond her years — and it's never come across more than in Elle's October Personal Style issue, the first time she's covered a major fashion mag.
It's hard to believe there's anything left for her to achieve after the year she's had, what with a MAC collaboration, two Grammys, and a slew of other awards. But, hey, this only means her star isn't done rising.
Just don't expect Lorde to kowtow to anyone's attempts to mold her into some bubblegum pop star. The singer knows the world's watching: Her self-awareness is keen, almost as sharp as her perceptions of other's intentions.
"People know that if you talk down to me, I will roll my eyes or whatever."
You know, typical teenager stuff.

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