Juliette Lewis Thinks Ex Brad Pitt's Wedding Is Awesome, Thank You Very Much

It's awkward when your grandma asks about your exes. It can be even more uncomfortable when celebs are publicly prodded about the topic. And, that's exactly what's happening to Juliette Lewis as she's making the rounds to promote her new film, Kelly and Cal. Lewis is a consummate professional and great sport about it, especially in this HuffPost Live interview.
Not only did host Ricky Camilleri ask the actress about her ex, one Brad Pitt ("You guys famously dated in the '90s."), he showed Lewis the above picture of the two of them from back in the day. The actress took the opportunity to reminisce about a more carefree time, when one could leave the house without first donning an Instagram-worthy #OOTD.
"This is what I love about old photos...I was wearing [Brad Pitt's] shirt and some just random pants from my closet...There's no styling," Juliette said of the laid-back era during which she cavorted with dreamboat Brad. "You're just doing it. It's like if you look at those old Oscar pictures, and people are wearing like ruffled prom dresses."
The HuffPost host wanted to stick to the script, though. He asked about Brad Pitt getting married, and by jove, he was going to get Lewis to talk about her former boyfriend getting married. Again, she was totally cool about it.
"But yes, he did get married, and how awesome is that?" Lewis said diplomatically. "What do you want from me? This is always how I answer these questions...Do you want to talk about Rodney Rozene, my seventh-grade crush?"
Touché, Juliette — until the host does want to talk about her seventh-grade crush. You've gone too far, dude. Rein it in.
Click to see our favorite Brad & Juliette pics, and revel in how '90s everything was in the '90s.

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