Keira Knightley Might Wear Her Wedding Dress Again

keira1Photo: REX USA/Nils Jorgensen/Rex.
When Keira Knightley married Klaxons singer James Righton in a no-frills civil ceremony in May 2013, some very perceptive sleuths pointed out that her pale pink tulle Chanel dress was very similar to the one she wore to the BAFTAs in 2008.
The actress later admitted that it was the same dress — indeed, she defied tradition and wore her wedding gown more than once.
We couldn't help but ask the gamine Knightley about the fiasco, when we talked with her in Toronto over the weekend, to discuss her upcoming movie Laggies.
"I have no idea why people cared so much," the actress said.
Was Knightley trying to make an anti-establishment statement by wearing a recycled wedding dress? Not even close.
"I like that dress. I don’t think there’s anything else to it. I liked it, I had a good time in it. That’s why I wear most of my clothes, because I like them."
Knightley did admit to having a second, more intimate ceremony, in which she wore a top-secret Valentino gown.
"I feel like a bit of a fraud, because although that one was recycled, I did have another dress that very fortunately no paparazzi got a shot of, which was not recycled."
Although that dress is currently tucked away in Knightley's closet, the 29-year-old actress admits that letting it gather dust "just doesn't feel right."
So, what are her plans for the clandestine frock? Take a wild guess.
"I’ll probably cut it up and wear it again."
Check back for more of our sit-down with Keira Knightley when Laggies opens in theaters on October 24.

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