Miley Cyrus Says Instagram Is Worse For You Than Weed

miley_embedPhoto: via @mileycyrus.
Serial Instagrammer and known pot authority Miley Cyrus recently dropped a dollop of wisdom on us. She of the LSD-laced social media presence believes the very thing that connects her to her Smilers is worse than toking up.
During a recent interview with Australian TV show, Sunday Night, the interviewer tiptoed her way towards the inevitable drug talk. "I put some picture of me smoking weed on my Instagram because I was brought up in the way that we never thought marijuana was bad,” the "Wrecking Ball" singer explained. The interviewer then asked whether it "bothers her" that drugs can hurt her brain. (Cyrus recently got the phrase "love your brain" inked on her body.) And, just like that Miley Cyrus went from pop provocateur to soapbox preacher.
"You know what hurts your brain?" Soapbox Miley began. "Googling yourself. You know what hurts your brain? Instagram. You know what hurts your brain? Reading comments on Facebook. You know what hurts your brain? Reading US Weekly." But, what about weed-induced Instagrams? Hmm, looks like there's a fault in that star.
This has been a public service announcement from Miley Cyrus. (The Guardian)

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