Sorry Cats, Piglets Are Having Their Internet Moment

There are only two certainties in Internet life — sarcasm and cats. Everything else is, well, just a passing trend. Other animals will come and go, yes, but felines are forever.
Cats are also, however, in retrograde. Tumblr's feline love affair has recently reversed course, leaving many bereft of kitties. And, the only thing a gal can really do when her Dashboard is cat-less is to scope a new animal and pig out.
Like sloths before them, pigs — well, piglets — are slowly but surely taking over the Internet, one itty-bitty hop at a time. Just look at the lil' guy below! Never has there ever been so much joy radiating from such a tiny creature. You're not human if you aren't emitting some embarrassingly high, porcine squeal at the sight of him plopping through the grass. Sure, one day the inevitable hands of time will build him up into something not-quite-so-cuddly, but why fuss over the future when the pig moment is now?
Hell, if Miley Cyrus can put aside her dog love for a lil' pig, so can we with out feline love.
Tiny pigs trying to make a tiny escape from a tiny, handmade enclosure. The world is a better place because of this.
Here's Miley with her pig, Bubba Sue.
Photo: via @mileycyrus.

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