Sofia Vergara Rotates On Platform, Is An Object

2Photo: Christopher Polk/NBC.
Sofia Vergara knows how to wear a dress. And, no one knows that more than TV academy CEO and chairman Bruce Rosenblum. The Modern Family actress took the Emmys stage tonight to introduce Rosenblum, making a joke that she always dreamed of coming to America to be at a famous event to introduce...the boring guy.
Rosenblum invited Vergara to stand on a revolving platform while he gave his spiel about the history and future of the hallowed Television Academy. As Vergara rotated in her stunning outfit, it was clear she was being used for little more than eye candy.
"The academy is more diverse than ever before, both in front of and behind the camera, resulting in a greater diversity of storytelling," Rosenblum told the audience. This earned a few cheers, likely because it nodded to Vergara as a sign of a growing Latina presence on television. It was lost on no one — including Vergara herself — that the emphasis on "behind" came just as her rear faced the audience.
As Rosenblum went on about the ways the academy is "innovating and evolving to inspire our 21st-century audience," he noted that some things will always remain the same. "Television has and always will be about great storytelling. What truly matters is that we never forget that our success is based on always giving the viewer something compelling to watch."
Finally, Vergara stepped down from the spinning device. "Okay, enough, enough! That's why I stopped doing those car shows," she shouted. "Dizzy." Ah, yes, car shows do have a rich history of objectifying women making one dizzy.
If watching this makes you uncomfortable, that's because it should. This portion of the presentation had one purpose — to use Vergara's stunning beauty and ethnicity as a hot object while the white guy did his bit. Perhaps this was a poor attempt at a joke. Or, perhaps you were waiting for Vergara to step down in the middle of his speech and give him a piece of her mind, because how dare he? You know, something more in line with the actress' M.O. Instead, we see her a willing participant in a clip that feels not from this decade — or from this century, for that matter.

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