Sofia Vergara's "Engagement" Ring Is A Boss Idea

124597PCN_Sofia22Photo: Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast News.
Sofia Vergara is officially a game master. She knows we know that she's dating Joe Manganiello, and that we're eager to find out how their relationship is progressing. Are they talking marriage? Are they moving in together? What other milestones can tabloids allude to this relatively new couple celebrating?
Vergara sees all of this happening, and she uses it to her advantage. On Monday, she prominently displayed a massive diamond ring during a lunch outing where she knew there would be paparazzi. Look at how she's carrying her bag so that the ring is the only thing you see. She knows it will get people talking, and the rumblings of a Manganiello-Vergara engagement rumor started.
Mission accomplished, because people are definitely talking about the ring. It's just a savvy business move, though. By wearing a diamond on that finger, Sofia Vergara probably generated more buzz for her new collection with Kay Jewelers than any paid advertisement could.
Sofia is kind of a genius when it comes to turning paparazzi moments into marketing opportunities. Recently, a photo of her looking less polished than she usually does on the set of Modern Family made the rounds. Vergara capitalized on the opportunity, using it to promote Head & Shoulders, for which she is a spokesperson. She shared a before and after photo on Instagram, thanking H&S for fixing her bad hair day.
All hail Sofia Vergara, who's basically got an MBA in gaming the paparazzi system. (Daily Mail)
124597PCN_Sofia221Photo: Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast News.
Here's a closer look at that ring.

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