With Line, Your Smartphone Is About To Get A Lot More Twee

lineembedPhoto: Courtesy of Line.
There's a hot new messaging app that's aimed to take over your smartphone. And, boy, is it cute.
Well, "new" isn't exactly the right word, as Line has been around since 2011, when it quickly became Japan's largest social network. But, it's brand-new for most smartphone users stateside, who will likely go nuts for its twee "stickers." The Verge's Sam Byford describes stickers as "next-level emoji," with the characters acting out various scenes in your SMS window.
The messaging app is part of the greater Line universe, which also includes camera and weather apps. At the heart of it, however, are two mascots: Brown, a bear, and Cony, a white rabbit. They, along with other stickers, are apparently what makes Line so addictive.
Now the company is aiming to capture the US audience with a Skype-style service and a "Selfie Sticker app" that lets you create stickers with photos of your face. (It also includes more than a few games.)
Will Americans bite? We do love all things digital, though our kawaii tolerance is a little bit lower than our friends across the Pacific.
Read more about Line here, and get prepared for the aww-invasion. (The Verge)

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