Inside A $500,000, 3-Story Closet (The “She-Cave”)

335nrm_1406149462-edc0001-theresa-roemer-dePhoto: Courtesy of Cosmo.
We’re acquainted with the contents of a “Man Cave” — a PBR-stocked Darth Vader fridge, recliner, and TV set to any sport. But, Cosmo introduces us to the “She-Cave,” in Theresa Roemer’s case, a three-story, 3,000-square-foot closet that holds her $2 million wardrobe and a Champagne bar.
The entrepreneur and philanthropist recently added the $500,000 “retreat” to her Houston-area home and uses a Cher Horowitz-like system to select outfits. “Everything has a picture and a number and it’s in the computer,” Roemer explained. “My stylist will pull up my inventory on his phone and say, ‘Why don’t you wear number 72?’”
She hosts girlfriends each week — “or we’ll use [the closet] when I’m having an event,” she said. Or, for sexing, since Cosmo asked. “You have to have sex in the closet!” Roemer said. “And every position too! And on the staircase and on the bar and on the makeup station.”
Though, it makes her husband “uncomfortable,” as any She-Cave should. (Because “it’s too clean and pretty,” Roemer notes.) Click through to Cosmo for more images of the space. (Cosmopolitan)

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