Stealing Blake Lively’s Cupcakes Is Punishable By Death

Do not steal Blake Lively's cupcakes. That's the main takeaway from the Vogue cover star's video, the latest in the magazine's "73 Questions" series. Not only does Blake undergo a rapid-fire inquisition, she also gets to show off her cupcake decorating skills. It's during her display of buttercream piping mastery that we learn Ryan Reynolds has cutely dubbed her own personal sweetshop "The Blakery." What even is their life?
Post-decorating and pre cake-eating however, an interloper swoops in and steals Blake's cupcake. "His mother did not love him well," the actress turned lifestyle doyenne matter-of-factly states. Way harsh, Lively.
"Blake, have you had anything besides cupcakes stolen from you?" the interviewer asks. "My freedom, after I murder that man for stealing my cupcakes," she menacingly jokes back. So threatening, that one.
Never fear: Another cupcake is there. It's one serves as a frosting Rorschach test in which Blake sees her father. Betcha didn't see these 73 questions taking a late-in-the-game Freudian turn, now did you? (Vogue)

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