The New Gymwear Trend: Mullet Leggings

Photo: Via Without Walls.
Workout gear is finally getting some rear-view attention. Take sports bras, for example; racerback is no longer your only option, as brands are using intricately woven straps for stylish support. And, if you walk into any barre or indoor cycling class, you'll see that the breezy, draped, open-back style of fitness tops is going strong. But, when it comes to tights, the front side often gets all the face time.
That is, until now. Our favorite new fitness wear trend can be described as none other than a mullet legging: business in the front, pattern party in the back. This trend is perfect for anyone who wants a little more style and oomph from workout gear — but isn’t quite ready to take the (bold, striped, Day-Glo) neon-bottoms plunge.
This backside focus isn’t purely for looks; some bottoms have integrated, stylish-yet-strategic, mesh inserts that help increase ventilation in high-sweat zones, such as behind the knees and at the lower back. Click through for a few of our favorite pairs that are bringing sexy — and mullet style — back.

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