Naya's Not The Only One: 16 Surprising Celeb Marriages

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Maybe R29 is not the Glee obsessive it used to be (then again, who is?), but when we woke up this morning to learn that Naya Rivera got married, we were pretty surprised. When did she even start dating again? Last time she hit the gossip mill, it was over her not-so-amicable split with Big Sean, right? Did we miss something?
Simply put, it is hard to keep up.
Plenty of celebrity marriages fly under the radar, and there are a ton of stars who just don't talk about their personal lives — or have quietly gotten married behind our backs. A couple of interesting, unknown couplings popped up during the research of this piece (seriously, did not know about Michael Pitt), and these celebs deserve our props. Maintaining a private life in Hollywood is no small feat.
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Doutzen Kroes
The other Angels all have high-profile, intensely reported marriages (ahem, Behati and Miranda). But, Doutzen's marriage to fellow Dutchman Sunnery James was a low-key affair, even though the couple is super duper stunning, which is wonderful, since they've got another baby on the way.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt
For a while, JLH was a mainstay in the gossip rags, with her on-off relationship with Jamie Kennedy (remember that?). But, last year, she quietly got married to, and had a daughter with, her Client List costar Brian Hallisay. (It seems Jennifer has a thing for costars.)
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Zach Galifianakis
Zach G. embraces his reputation as an unlovable (though, actually lovable) funny man whenever he gets a chance, and he's quick to make himself the butt of a joke. But, in real life, Galifianakis is actually quite publicity-shy, keeping mum on both his marriage and the birth of his first child (whose gender he hasn't revealed). Awesome fact: His wife, Quinn Lundberg, is the cofounder of Growing Strong, an organization focused on partnering with nonprofits to find sustainable solutions.
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Zoe Saldana
It was as if Zoe Saldana knew we were writing this story and decided to have a baby in celebration. (That's what she did, right? Totally a reasonable assumption.) Her marriage to Italian artist Marco Perego happened quickly and quietly last year. (Pro-tip: Want to marry a Hollywood celeb? Become an artist.)
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Lisa Kudrow
It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Lisa Kudrow is the Friend whose personal life is the least discussed in the media. (Our Friends expert says that Matt LeBlanc comes in a close second, however.) The details of her longtime marriage to French ad-man Michel Stern has been little reported, even though her pregnancy was written into a Friends storyline.
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Rivers Cuomo
The Weezer frontman wed Kyoko Ito in 2006. Though they met in 1997, Cuomo didn't propose until 2005. The couple has two children.
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Anthony Bourdain
Maybe it's because he is our favorite dad crush, but thinking of bad boy Anthony Bourdain as married seems incongruous. Who could be cool enough to be matched with Bourdain? The answer: An Italian mixed martial artist named Ottavia Busia Bourdain, who was bold enough to get matching tattoos with the chef on one of their first dates. Yeah. Pretty awesome.
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Kenan Thompson
Thanks to his tenure on SNL, Kenan Thompson is more often thought of as a funny man than a family man — but the Nickelodeon alum just recently had his first bebé. His wife is model and total babe Christina Evangeline, who is having a great time on Instagram, depicting how exhausted the once endlessly energetic actor is in the face of fatherhood.
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Christina Hendricks
Luckily for Hendricks, her real love life is less tiring than her Mad Men one. The red-headed bombshell married fellow actor Geoffrey Arend in 2009. Apparently, she won't wear sweatpants in front of him.
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Matt Bomer
Bomer has been married to Simon Halls since 2011 and no one knew until he told Details in May 2014. Together, he and Halls have three sons.
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Snoop Dogg
The Artist Formerly Known As Snoop Lion wed his high school sweetheart, Shante Broadus, in 1997. Their marriage hit a rough patch in 2004, but the two managed to work things out.
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Sam Claflin
The Hunger Games' Finnick Odair wed Laura Haddock in July 2013. His love for her is almost Aaron Paul-level adorable, too. He told Glamour UK: "Every five seconds I find myself falling harder and deeper in love." Cue them "ahhhs," folks.
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Michael Pitt
Pitt kept his long-time engagement to androgynous model Jamie Bochert a secret until 2005. The couple knows a thing or two about keeping their private lives private.
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Karen O
After flings with Spike Jonze and Angus Andrew, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman wed director Barnaby Clay in 2011. Clay directed the YYY's video for "Zero." Karen kept the nuptials a secret for a bit, but broke the news to Us Weekly in December 2011.
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Blake Anderson
This Workaholic wed Rachael Finley back in 2012. In February 2014, they welcomed their first daughter to the world by posting what has to be one of the best baby-announcement pictures, ever.
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Anders Holm
The second Workaholic wed his college sweetheart, Emma Nesper in 2011. They have a son, too. Holm is one of the cocreators of Workaholics and though the show's been renewed for more seasons, he's stoked to spend more time with his family.

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