Fake Drake Started From The Bottom Now He's Here

Drake may have just found the newest member of his growing entourage. While the Toronto rapper has preached the mantra "No New Friends" in the past, he might just have to make an exception.
Nissim, or Dreamaker504 as he's known on Instagram, is a self-described "professional dreamer" and "photographer" who lives in Israel.
He also happens to look a lot like Drake.
It's a genetic coincidence that Nissim appears to take great pride in, as evidenced by the endless amount of Drakian selfies that make up his Instagram account. While Drake's doppleganger developed something of an Internet following (he has 3,372 followers at the time of writing), we see a much brighter future for good old Nissim.
He should become Drake's official body double. Hopefully the 27-year-old rapper has the foresight to realize the many benefits of being super famous, and having someone around who looks just like you:
1. A paparazzi misdirect.
2. Splitting up interview obligations on album release days.
3. Relationship time management.
4. Trippy pranks at parties.
5. Never have to try on sweaters again.
Drake, on the odd chance that you're reading this, we've assembled a visual resume for Nissim. Click through, and give him the job!

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