This Model Gets YouTube Buzzwords Tattooed On His Face

model-face-tats-embedPhoto: Via @vinlos23.
Lots of models have tattoos these days. We dig it. When your face is your moneymaker, though, you'd think it would be a no-go zone for the needle. This is not the case for model Vin Los from Montreal. He has tattoos everywhere, and they're most heavily concentrated on his mug.
How does Vin select the words you see indelibly written all over his body? "It's very superficial. I'll go on YouTube and listen to all the big hits, and I'll just take words from these songs," he tells Vice. "You could look at me a hundred years from now and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s." Think of him as an archivist, if you will. His face is a word cloud of our time.
Despite the randomness of verbiage, there has to be a rationale behind his ink collection, right? Of course. Mr. Los wants to be the "most famous man on Earth" (an objective he states in this YouTube video). "[My] tattoos aren’t just for me. I want to be an image for people to look at, something that has an impact," he tells Vice. "Everybody who sees me is bound to ask questions: 'Why fame? What’s his life like?'"
Well, he certainly has the Internet talking about him. We can't say the buzz is all positive, but Vin Los, welcome to your 15 minutes. Use them wisely. Maybe get them tattooed somewhere — there appears to be some space on your nose.
Click ahead to see even more of Vin's tats, which include his own name (helpful in case he finds himself lost and unable to speak) and fake chest hair. (Buzzfeed)

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