Kristen Bell Needs Help Naming Her Second Baby: We Have Suggestions

rexusa_2096799etPhoto: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Naming a kid is a tough job. In most cases, a name is for life — unless you're Destiny Hope Cyrus, in which case you can ditch it after 15 years or whatever. For many, though, that's not the case. So often, celebrities collapse under the pressure of this Herculean task and just name their baby the first thing that comes to mind, like Hercules. It's also why we have children named Apple and Future Jr.
Kristen Bell's trying to avoid that very situation. She and Dax Shepard are "completely stumped" when it comes to naming their second child. They really nailed it with their daughter, whom they called Lincoln. Now, Bell's taking the length of her pregnancy to think of another name that's just as good for their expected boy or girl.
What she really has to decide if she's gonna be a team player and name her kid something for her fans, or just name it something meaningful and personal. The Internet would probably break if she opted for a Veronica Mars-inspired moniker — perhaps Logan for a boy or Lilly for a girl. Except, no one will ever spell Lilly the right way, which could get annoying. If they're keeping with their theme of Nebraska cities and/or dead presidents, the baby could very well be called Omaha or Roosevelt. You know what? Let's just go with Neptune and call it a day.
Bell and Shepard seem like pretty rad parents, so I'm sure they'll figure out something cool. But, if you've got any solid ideas, send them her way, because this baby cannot be named Elsa. It simply cannot. (People)

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