This Hand-Holding Gadget Will Definitely Be Used For Other Things

frebble-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Frebble.
Viagra was originally developed to treat angina. The Hitachi Magic Wand is ostensibly a neck massager. And, the inventor of the Frebble wants us to believe that this is just a gadget that simulates hand-holding. The idea? When two loved ones are separated, they can each squeeze their Frebbles, and a phantom vibration will mimic their grasps. Oh, come on. A long-distance hand-holding device? Maybe that's what it is for kids and their parents, but we can't help but think couples will find other, not-so-innocent ways to use their Frebbles.
According to the device's Kickstarter, "Frebble is a wireless accessory that lets you hold your loved one's hand from anywhere in the world." The oddly phallic-shaped device is intended to "simulate the touch of holding and squeezing another person's hand, and having that feeling reciprocated." Simply squeeze your Frebble, and your so-far-away partner's gadget will mimic the sensation of your touch.
Lest we be accused of having our minds permanently in the gutter, Frebble does sound like a cute idea for separated children and parents. Nevertheless, our inner adolescent boy sees "two vibration motors on the side to enhance the haptic experience" and "mediated social touch product," and the giggles just burst forth. We'll try to get it together for more serious stories later today, but in the meantime, let's Frebble. (Daily Mail)

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