Flexible, Transparent TVs Will Be Yours By 2017

lgembedPhoto: Courtesy of LG Display.
Some say that flexibility is the key to success. LG Display certainly hopes so as it prepares to roll out — literally — its new bendy TV.
The company has developed a super-thin OLED display that features a 1,200 x 800 pixel resolution and a screen width of 18 inches. But, that hardly matters when you can just roll the whole thing up like a newspaper.
This new display can be tightly rolled into a cylinder with a radius of 1.2 inches without sustaining damage. Just think of the travel possibilities if you could roll up your TV like a One Direction poster. (Or, you know, whatever.) Another model of the flexible display is even transparent.
LG hopes to integrate the display into its TVs by 2017, which would be a major boon to manufacturers and retailers from a shipping standpoint, because the units are much easier to pack. It also means that we could see flexible, ultra-high-definition 4K televisions in only a few years, and that is a future we want ASAP. (Mashable)

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